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Nov 29, 2022

The purpose of CelesteTheTherapist is to help shift the way you think. Many times, we get stuck in a negative cycle and struggle with getting out. Celeste will interview guests from different backgrounds who empower people in different capacities.

In this episode, Celeste is with Rachelle McCloud, a mental health therapist and emotional wellness coach to talk about the language of the brain in healing. Rachelle shared own traumas and gave grounded and recent interventions that helped her shape who she is. 

This episode will help you understand how the brain works and the natural survival system that thrives during our bodies and mind goes into shock and hurt. Emotional scars take a toll on our body and manifests in the most unprecedented ways, but avoiding it is never the path for growth. 

Learn how we can work and grow from our struggles and heal from the most unexpected methods of interventions. Listen and subscribe to know more.